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The Amazing Race US XVII
« on: September 28, 2010, 02:36:36 PM »
TAR premiered on Sunday & I just got done watching it.

The teams traveled to The United Kingdom from Stonehenge to the Eastnor Castle & Meadow (Pit Stop). Even though we knew it was the UK, Vicky managed to call the UK "The country of London" when she makes it to the pit stop. I was figuring that Eastnor (A village or a town?) and London are seperate from each other.

This information comes from the episode - Spoiler Alert
Ron/Tony were one of the leading three teams on the first flight, however, they got messed up continuously and fell behind and were the first team eliminate.

Jill/Thomas were Team Number 1, winning the new additional element to TAR, an express pass. This allows them to skip one task of any kind at any time from legs 2-8.

Brook or Claire, whichever was the one doing the roadblock, got hit in the face with a watermelon, and still namaged to continue the  task. That was quite a comeback.

The A-Capella singers were horrible getting to the airport in Boston, MA. Then, they pulled through to be team #3.

All of these teams seem so cool. No clear favoruites and nobody to hate, which is a plus.