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Big Brother Editions - 2017 / Re: Big Brother 19 USA
« Last post by Marie on August 12, 2017, 08:54:30 AM »
Elena's new found hatred for everyone in the house not named Mark is my new oxygen, Jessica may have left but it is triggering the Elena experience <3 she is probably evicted in 3 weeks but I will take what I can get! Marlena and Cody to do well please! The rest can burn!

Marlena have kinda given up though. They are now in the point where they are like "well at least we met each other"
Big Brother Editions - 2017 / Re: Big Brother 19 USA
« Last post by Marie on August 12, 2017, 08:48:32 AM »
Funner Fact: Alex is an evil cunt

So Elena and Jason are up and so is Matt since he lost the temptation comp. Mark is immune so that's perfect.

Paul's cult wants Elena, Cody and Mark to go in that order, which means yes, Elena is the target. However Marlena are plotting that they need Cody to be picked for the veto so he can win it, stay safe and pull Elena off, thus forcing Paul to pick someone from his cult to die. Yes I said Paul because this is his HOH, not Alex only an idiot would think that. Not surprised that the house is already alienating Cody and Marlena. Elena mentioned she feels like she can't talk to anyone anymore after Jess left. Its unsurprising that Jessica's friends are the ones Paul's cult want to be the next 3 out.

Best case scenario: Cody gets picked for veto, he will 100% use it on Elena, someone from Paul's cult leaves (preferably Jason, so Alex's who HOH backfires), then Cody/Mark/Elena win the DE HOH and 2 member from Paul's cult dies
Big Brother Editions - 2017 / Re: Big Brother 19 USA
« Last post by JustinBieberDingus on August 12, 2017, 07:59:30 AM »
Random Fact: Alex is the fourth WOC to win HOH twice. She is succeeded by Ivette Corredero, Kalia Booker, and Danielle Lickey. Overall, she is only the seventh POC to win HOH twice. The only MOC to win HOH twice are Marcellas Reynolds, Jee Choe, James Huling & Victor Arroyo. Of those people, Victor is the only one to get HOH three times.

Disappointing that we've only had 8 POCs win HOH twice when Canada is up to four POCs, one per season, except for Season 5 - Gary, Neda, Britnee & Loveita.

The statistics are LGBT haven't been that good either. From 2010 onward, only Ragan, Andy, Frankie & Vanessa made jury, give or take Jason, who was in a season with no jury, but would've made the jury stage had there been a jury.
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Big Brother Editions - 2017 / Re: Promi Big Brother 2017
« Last post by freshveg on August 12, 2017, 04:50:33 AM »
What i saw yesterday reminded me alot of a kindergarten. With screaming children who never shut up and never listen. lol

Only a few people with common sense in that house. :)
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