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Big Brother Editions - 2017 / Re: Big Brother 19 USA
« Last post by freshveg on August 12, 2017, 04:48:54 AM »
Jess is trouble for sexual assault, especially given the double standard, as had a man done that, all hell would break loose, especially from last season.

Also, Josh needs to know that having a Bachelor's Degree doesn't necessarily make you smart, at leats not in the US education system.

I feel that this season will help us get all-new players for next season, as even less people here are logic choices for returning to the game than is season 15.

First of all... why is she so much into butt poking? lol... seems to be a weird fetish. I have to agree with you on the double standards... what else is new. If it woudl be the other way around it would be a scandal... but since a woman did it. Also americans love to make a big problem about pretty much everything... like breastfeeding and transgender toilets... smh. :D

Now that you mention it... i was very very surprised when he said he has a degree... Thats just very hard to believe. How the hell did he manage to get his degree with his iq of 50... if breathing wouldnt be a reflexe he just would drop dead. I just refuse to believe that this is true. lol. If he can make it everybody can... just get a monkey and give it a try. :) He is not smart and not emotional stable... even if he believes so. The only thing he needs is a therapy.

I agree that they shouldnt pick any player from this season... maybe Alex... if i wouldnt so strongly dislike her. :)

Its about time for an all star season anyway.

My guess is that Josh went to a 'State School" (which perform much less than private Universities in the US) or a Liberal Arts College or University. He probably didn't go to anything like Harvard. School have different standards for what they require, and even if a student doesn't meet the standards, they can still be admitted into a University, as they can still get into University if they're an athlete/performance, etc., have money or their parents are donors, can fill a quota, have a disability, and in some schools, are out of state.

If Raven applied for Dance at my University, the fact that she has a disability and comes from a faraway state would easily get into my University with slightly below-average grades and this would increase if she were male, especially a straight male, as males are underrepresented in Dance. Josh being Hispanic factors into play and would've done so even more greatly if he went to/or did go to University in a state with a low Hispanic population.

Of course I don't know Josh's GPA, or if he's an athlete, but just saying, you don't have to be very bright to get into University in the United States. He also could've started at Community College, or only went through community college, since he didn't specify Associate's or Bachelor's, which doesn't reject candidates unless they didn't complete high school. Trump plans to change the "quota" part of this, but, we'll see.

There's also a theory that Universities in America accept students based off of how they look, such as being attractive or "cookie cutter", so maybe a University or College saw that in Josh.

Very interesting. Thanks for the explanation!
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Big Brother General / Khloe Kardashian's New Hair Colour Is Her Boldest But
« Last post by JasonBon on August 12, 2017, 04:09:20 AM »
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