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Reality TV Shows / Re: A Fazenda 9 Brazil (New Chance)
« Last post by Rod on November 29, 2017, 11:48:29 AM »
Some updates...

MONIQUE was evicted last week against Monick with 33% to save ;D

MATHEUS, RITA and YURI were up for nomination but MATHEUS won the last farmer challenge and is top 4 now.

So, RITA and YURI are nominated. The polls are close, but I guess Rita is definitely  out.

Marcos will be the next evicted for sure or at least won't be one of the finalists, while Flávia is the fave to win. Monick, Yuri and Matheus has 0 chances of winning.
wow this Debora thing is horrible. Bulgaria keeps on providing no nice stories and I mostly can just feel sorry for these HMs. they really behave like trash.
In a morning show after her ejection, Debora said that she is not addicted to the alcohol, she has drinked in the house because it was the only way to deal with her panic disorder. She doesn't sorry for her words to BB because when she recieves a panic attack she doesn't have another choice except to be agressive. Also she came in the studio with a "blue eye" because the night when she was ejected from the house, 3 men has beaten her near her apartament.  :(
Episode 10

Luna again shows her strategy to drive everyone else crazy. Starts a crazy game of nerves. The others are pushed on the edge and are on the border of agression as some housemates almost hit her or kick her. In her will to protect herself Luna beats Dinko with shoes on his head.

After it she screams that there was agression against her and she needs a doctor. The perfect "show mind" of Luna makes from the circumstances a real circus. She pretends that she is wounded, almost deadly. She starts to drag herself on the floor on the way to the DR. Even BB joins in her game when says in DR "Wow, Luna, you look so bad, wow".

BB gives sanctions to the housemates for the bad success of the weekly task. Luna again terrorizes Dinko and confronts with him. Later she starts to cry hysterically and continues to do so later in DR. And it seems that this is too much also for BB because he asks from her to stop.
BB asks from Dinko to be handcuffed in front again. He does it but he is pissed off and removes the cuffs. For this act BB wants to put him in the "prison for Super Heroes". Dinko refuses and says that he won't go but when BB says that someone else instead him will go there he agrees to take the responsibility.

When he enters in the prison he is hit by an iron grid.

After the medical examination the doctors decite that he is fine, that it was just simulation and Dinko is put in the prison again. Ludmila throws a lot of critical speech on Dinko that he misses the real manhood deep inside.
Episode 9

Mariela and Luna, as the outsiders in the house, spend their time together and are alone against everybody.

Zornitza receive a secret task to make a mess for Luna. Zornitza breaks glasses, or puts pepper on the carpet, throws food on the floor, just to be something that Luna have to clean.

Mariela again manipulates Luna and gives to her a lot of ideas how to cuts the nerves of the others.
As a result of her acts, Luna receive another portion of conflicts and after it she eats more from the psychological games of Mariela on her.
BB prepares "an electric chair of truth" for the super hero "Mama Liar" (Mariela). She sits on the chair and the housemates watch videos of her talking behind their back. The housemates decite if and how much electricity Mariela will take. Of course they don't have mercy. After the schok, they argue with her.

After the "shock therapy", Mariela is again only supported from Luna who claims to be on her side no matter what.
On the morning Ludmila fights verbally with Mariela, calling her a traitor and a hypocryte.

Dinko tries to make Luna to clean the house, of course without success. Luna again has a confrontation with everybody. The emotions of Dainko expode again.
Mariela again gives some ideas to Luna about her behaviour with the others. Luna again terrorizes the whole house members.
Episode 8

Debora again drinks a lot.

Ludmila says her to stops, because she is alcoholic. Debora confronts with her and with the others because her nerves are stretched. She feels stressful in the house and the housemates tense her. She is alredy drunk when she wants from BB to open the door of DR because she wants to walk out from the house immediately.

In DR, BB tries to make her to think about this decision on "clear head" and it makes her mad even more because she doesn't like how BB tries to "pose to the viewers the image of a drunk, drug addicted girl" about her. Anyways, after the talk she agrees to wait till the morning with her decision to walk out.

When she goes out of DR, the others (Gino and Dinko) try to change her mind about leaving the house and say that it will be a mistake.
Dinko faces troubles with his personal task to be "handcuffed" during the whole weekly task. He starts to loose patience and asks from BB in DR to free his hands, or at least to be handcuffed in front, not on his back. He even threatens BB with the serious words that "something will happens to him (BB) after the show". BB answers that no one could threatens BB but makes a conpromise to change the position of his hands.

Late at night Debora continues to drink and to get more drunk. In a moment she forgets to talk with her microphone on her and BB asks from her to do so. Then she answers to him "Go your mother". BB calls her in DR, she refuses to go, she says that she will go when she wants. When she goes in DR, BB warns her that no one could talk to BB in this way. She says that she doesn't care at all. She continues to talks to him provocative and BB finds out that he doesn't have another choice and Debora was ejected from the game. Which made her happy actually because she wanted exactly this.

When BB said that she has a minute to leave the house she answered  "And what if I don't do it for a minute?". She hugs Dinko and Mariela, BB remind her that she should leave and her last words were "O, shut up, motherfucker. Bye. Loser".
After Debora leaves, the verbal fight of Funky and Luna continues on full power "painted" in offensive words.
Luna does her personal task of cook and clean with desire despite the humiliation from the others.
Mariela again throws her web of manipulations on the others. She feeds the anger against Luna behind her back with the others, with Luna she pretends to be with her against the others.

Ludmila finds out the games of Mariela and shares her thoughts with the others. Ludmila finds support till Mariela faces with the offensive from a big part of the housemates.
During the episode the housemates watched their nominations on live with the viewers.
The nominated ones this week are: Luna, Mariela, Gino, Dee, Ludmila, Funky
Episode 7

In her private room, Luna talks to one of the cameras how everybody here are useless and she is not glad of them.
Again the episode is around Luna who bothers the others even with her breath. She confronts again with Funky for stupid things. After it, Dinko again bothers her in her room. When they both (Luna and Dinko) are in the dorm, Dinko touches her leg and Luna asks him to stop with "his sexiual raids". Dinko starts to feel angry, says that she lies that he has a interes on her and they confront.
The housemates receive their weekly task "SuperHeroes" in which everybody turns into superhero who suddenly lost his powers and with serial challenges must take them back.

Svetlana is upset in the bedroom and doesn't like her character – "Sugar Girl". She thinks that this image of men's heartbreaker is not for her and it will upset her new boyfriend outside. Ludmila and Zornitza confort her and say that this is wrong what she is thinking.

Luna gets the hardest personal task – she is "Ego Woman" and now will do everything for her housemates, she will cook for everybody alone, she will clean all places in the house alone and will be personal asistant of the character of Dinko - "Super Ganio" who will be with tied hands during the task.
The task is not started yet and the excited housemates begin to ask from Luna food and drinks. She seems to follow the task very good and with desire.
After the eviction of Kiril the housemates are angry that Luna stays. They even confront with each other during the argue if they should leave Luna to cooks for everybody alone during the task, because she cannot cook at all, or should "save the food" by helping her.
Episode 6

Dinko and Luna, despite that they doesn't stand each other, spend a lot time together. Even someone could say that they have a flirt. Dinko always searches the attention of Luna and doesn't stops until he have success. After few tries to get her attention, he finds a new way – he lies that he tries to escape from the production and from the housemates and asks from her to get a shelter in her private room and with this move he involves all housemates in his personal game.
On the next morning Dinko again is busy with Luna. He goes to awake her two times, prepares for her a cup of tea, and also gives to her a white rose. Luna seems to appreciate the attention of Dinko   and makes a mini concert especially for him (and Debora) outdoors. The other housemates just can't stand her voice and even doesn't have an interest of what she is doing.

In DR, BB questions Luna about this strange situation with Dinko and if Luna feels something romantic towards Dinko, or if she felt that he is attracted by her. Luna says that she defenetely doesn't likes Dinko like a man but she will asks directly Dinko about his feelings. And she does so after she goes out of DR. Dinko says that it is an absurd to be attracted by her, because it is just "friendship".
Mariela starts to knits strategies on the back of the housemates. First as her victims are Luna and Funky. Mariela pretends with Luna that she is her friend. Behind her back she asks from Funky to gives a breakfast to Luna with the clear knowledge that he hates her and will do something gross. It happens – he gives to Luna bread with cigarette butts.

Luna sees a chance to make fun with Funky and dresses herself erotically only to go and to thanks him for the breakfast. They start to confront with the irony that only they have.
During the whole episodes are shown duels of the charity games.
Dinko feels sorry that he was egoist in the task "Cowboys and indians".
Mariela continues with her dirty games of manipulation with the boys – Kiril, Dinko, Kostadin.

She speaks in private with each of them but talking different things behind the back of the others. Kiril is very mad after the first nominations because Mariela nominated him "because he goes in her bed without to asks" despite that everybody knows that Kiril did not want to sleep in her bed from the first night but did not have a choice because everybody else found a bed partner already and despite that many people have heard that she almost begs him to stay in her bed.
Some housemates found that Mariela lies for lot of things. But her manipulations start to give results and follows a huge conflict between the men. Dee and Kiril confront because of her, because Kiril doesn't feel the support of Dee who was his friend. A lot of the housemates seems against Kiril who tries to open their eyes about Mariela.

Dinko starts to get very very nervouse of this situation, starts to scream, he breaks a glass and hits a chair. He threatens Kiril with physical fight.
After the commercials, we see that Ludmila is misunderstood in her bulgarian speech, because she is russian born. No one fully understands what she is talking and it leads to hilarious situations.
At the end of the night, Kiril was the first evicted from the house. I have to say that even if I was strongly against him in the previous season when he was in BB house, this time he was very different and grown and he was a damn right about Mariela. I feel sorry that he was the first evicted and officially the first victim of the strategist Mariela.

P.S – From this episode I am strongly inspired from those hilarious quotes said first from Dinko and second from Kostadin.  ;D
"I am not so stupid as I seem, I could be much more stupid!"
"Guys, how comes that I drink but you got drunk!"
Big Brother Editions - 2017 / Re: Gran Hermano 18 Spain
« Last post by AlexSP on November 25, 2017, 12:58:47 PM »
Quote from: Danny
Why is Carlota so hated?
She is so hated because she was too harsh to Yangyang or Hugo without an apparent reason. Plus she was selling in the castings an impression of her like a dominant impulsive and transparent girl and she was quite the opposite. She spent the time in the house saying if I could say this... If I could do this everybody will be shaking but finally she didn't do anything of that.

Carlos is so hated too for the same reasons of being too harsh with them and having a really bad temperament and agressive sometimes but now everything is changing due to the betrayal of Rubén and Maico towards Hugo, and now everyone who wanted Carlos out want him in just to punish Rubén and Maico.

I will make the post of the last Gala later on.
Big Brother Editions - 2017 / Re: Gran Hermano 18 Spain
« Last post by Danny on November 23, 2017, 10:47:24 PM »
Why is Carlota so hated?
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