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And the winner is...Gino with 62% to win. For the second time in his life he won BB Bulgaria. :)

Konstantin is runner-up with 38 %.
Remain two - both winners in a previous seasons...
4th place - Funky

3rd place - Dinko

6th place - Ludmila

5th place - Svetlana
Big Brother General / Re: Housemates who have died
« Last post by World of BB on December 11, 2017, 06:34:54 PM »
Keith Chegwin died earlier today aged 60. He was a housemate in Celebrity Big Brother 15 UK in 2015, reaching the final and finishing in 4th place. He died after a long illness with a lung condition.
The finale of the show has started. The finalists already watch videos with people who support them.
Big Brother Editions - 2017 / Re: Gran Hermano 18 Spain
« Last post by Brekkie on December 09, 2017, 09:30:07 PM »
And although hardly inspiring creatively BBUSA is still doing pretty well - again hardly changed it's format since 2001/2002 and unlike other series I think you can watch the 2017 season and a season from it's early years and the tone of the show isn't that signficantly different.

Big Brother though just seems to be stuck in a rutt - for the last few years the formats that have been tried around the world are the ones that flopped in the place they were first tried anyway.  It's surprising really that Endemol haven't pushed for more countries to take the HoH competitive format considering it's the three countries where that format is most established where the show is continuing to be well received.
The finale is this Monday, December 11.
If the winner is not Gino i don't have a words. Any other trash would be just pity.
Episode 20

The argue between Dinko and Gino continues. Dinko, despite that he heard what Dana said, claims that Gino is a thief. Dinko says to the others that Dana itself told it before him and doesn't have explaination why she says the opposite now. The other housemates also have a lot of comments about this and they decite that probably Dana lies both Dinko and Gino.
Zornitsa wonders why Ludmila nominated her and Ludmila gives an explaination and critizes Zornitsa. Konstantin joins in the conversation and says to Ludmila that it is stupid and childish to nominate someone who was your friend in the house without even to give a sign that you don't like him. Ludmila starts "delicate" to offend Zornitsa and Konstantin.

The viewers are allowed to talk with the housemates through Skype or a phone. Durning a call by a  fan of Zornitsa, a bomb is thrown again on Gino – the female fan claims that she is one of the "victims" of "the thief" Gino. Also during a talk with his fans, Dinko receives more shocking stories from "victims" of Gino. At least 4 women called to say that Gino is a "criminal mind" who stole a lot of money from many people in Chicago. Gino is angry that they all lie, he cannot understand what is going on. The other housemates are sure in his guilt and if they were judges he would be put in a jail forever. :-X

In the end of the episode, Zornitsa became the last evicted housemate before the finale.

P.S. My opinion about the "affair" Gino is that Dinko long before to enter in the house made a strategy to throw dust on his most dangerous rival for the finale. Very stupid...
Episode 19

Luna is still in the house when BB calls all housemates in the living room, but she doesn't care. When everybody are together Luna wants explaination from Konstantin why he says that Luna hides her turkish origin. She throws a bottle with water on him. Everybody does the same on her and the tension escalates. Follows little break from the tension with a "christmas spirit" in some housemates.
Luna is complaining to BB that she is not treated well. Dinko again throws a bottle of water on her, she does the same and the mess is here again. Angry that Dinko broke her sun glasses, Luna starts to kick Ludmila and it turns to everybody's fight. When Luna is isolated from the others, the rest of the housemates turn against Gino because he did not want fight. They wanted from him to see him against Luna. Begins verbal confrontation.
Luna bothers the rest of the housemates even in her last moments in the house.
Dinko starts to talk again for the ex Gino's wife and says that he was her boyfriend after Gino and she have been divorced.

BB calls both Dinko and Gino in DR to have a phone call from Dana (from Chicago) and the truth to be told. Dana says that everything said from Dinko is a pure lie.

Even the housemates watched the talk, their hate to Gino don't give them a reason to believe to him.
BB shows also a video, filmed earlier with Dana in which she says that Dinko lies.
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