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Episode 18

This episode beging with extraordinary events. Early this day, there were fight between Luna and the others. Luna is in solitary and BB announces that the video tapes will be carefully seen and BB will decide later how to process.

The episode continues with nominations face to face. The housemates should say two names – who to win, and who doesn't deserve to win. The surprise in this was that Ludmila nominated negatively Zornitsa despite that they were close in the house. As an answer, Zornitsa changed her negative vote in the last moment and also nominated Ludmila as person who doesn't deserve to win.

Dinko surprises everybody with speech that Gino is not what he seems – Dinko claims that he has evidences that Gino stole 100 000 dollars from his ex wife and also beat her. Starts conflict between both. Dinko goes in DR and from a cell phone given by BB tries to call to Dana, ex Gino's wife, but without success.
The housemates receive another Christmas task – they hear opinions from the viewers and should guess for which housemate is the opinion.

BB anounces the names of the nominated ones – Dinko, Zornitsa, Gino, Ludmila. One of them will be evicted on Friday.
BB also announces that he decided Luna to be ejected from the house after the physical fight.
Episode 17

Ludmila and Funky again have a talk against Gino. They cannot believe that someone could be proud that he have never read a book in his life.
Dinko again breaks the private space of Luna. Goes in her private room when he wants, even opens the door of her bathroom while she is still inside and checks the private baggage of Luna. Some other housemates also follow the example of Dinko. Luna gets her revange with singing, which the others just hate. :)
Luna says to Mariela that seems that Funky has changed his strategy toward her.
There is a conflict between Ludmila and Gino, who is mad on her because she calls him by other name, not his.
Mariela gives another portion of tactical advices to Luna. Meanwhile, there is another robbery in the private room of Luna.

BB gives a Christmas task for the housemates. Leading by charity they should make 2000 postcards and 200 toys. They are separated on two "factories" with leaders Ludmila and Gino. There is a tension in the team of Gino – Konstantin seems doesn't stand his company.
Episode 16

After she was told to not enter in the private space of the others, Mariela thinks about other strategies against them with Luna.
In the morning Ludmila cannot stop to talk about Zornitsa, how good person she is. Meanwhile, in talk with Gino, Svetlana shows her real opinion about Zornitsa, and it ain't good at all. It seems that she only pretent to be her friend but thinks that she is immoral.
Luna wants advices from Mariela how to do a revenge on Ludmila. She wants to cut her hair while Ludmila is sleeping, but Mariela stops her idea "because the viewers wouldn't like it".
Mariela does with pleasure every home work that Luna wants from her, like doing laundry.
We again see Mariela in the gym. She says to the others that for 20 days she said "goodbye" to 14 kilograms from her weight. The others doesn't believe at all because they don't see the results.
Also in this episode was "The postal box of the nominated ones" and the nominated housemates answer to questions asked by the others in the house during the whole episode.
BB announces that there will be video promotion of songs from Luna. Of course the others are pissed off and no one goes in her private room to see the videos, only Mariela.
Luna regularely receives food from outside and the others regularly try to steal it. Dinko steals a cake from Luna and gives it to Svetlana who eats it.
Mariela and Luna share the same thought that Konstantin is not a good singer. They also doesn't like Gino.
Ludmila already kicked off Gino from her "camp" but now is angry to Svetlana for eating the cake of Luna. She thinks that is is too much to hate someone and to eat from her food.
Luna surprises the others with new image – she is without false hair, she shows her real hair and her face almost without any make up.

There is a party for the birthday of Gino. As a special guest comes a former housemate from VIP Brother 2016, Emanuela.

She is also friend of Konstantin and warns him to watch out and to not flirt with Zornitsa because he is married. In the late night, after the party, Zornitsa hugs Konstantin and wispers in his ear.

This have been seen from the others and they decite to critize Zornitsa and to say to her that this alredy gone cheap. She doesn't care at all for their opinion.

In the end of the live show, Mariela was evicted from the house.
Reality TV Shows / Re: A Fazenda 9 Brazil (New Chance)
« Last post by Rod on December 08, 2017, 03:43:14 AM »
1. Flávia
2. Marcelo
3. Matheus
4. Monick

5. Ana Paula
6. Rita
7. Monique
8. Nahim
9. Yuri
10. Nicole
11. Bombom
12. Aritana
13. Conrado
14. Fábio
15. Dinei

16. Marcos


1. Joana
2. Flávia
3. Viviane
4. DH
5. Karina

6. Angelis
7. Daniel
8. Douglas
9. Bárbara
10. Dado

1. Babi
2. Denise
3. Monique
4. Ana Paula
5. Ísis
6. Sérgio

7. Felipe
8. Danni
9. André

10. Marcos

3rd Places:
1. Heloísa
2. Matheus
3. Raquel
4. Mateus

5. Carlinhos
6. Marcos
7. Thyago
8. Léo
9. Luka
10. Lisi

1. AF 7
2. AF 6
3. AF Verão
4. AF 4

5. AF 5
6. AF 9
7. AF 1

8. AF 8
9. AF 3

10. AF 2
Reality TV Shows / Re: A Fazenda 9 Brazil (New Chance)
« Last post by Gabriel on December 08, 2017, 03:39:10 AM »

Reality TV Shows / Re: A Fazenda 9 Brazil (New Chance)
« Last post by Rod on December 08, 2017, 03:17:24 AM »
Finally a decent winner after 5 years
Yeah, finally someone that I was rooting for won in the final in 5 years. Babi, Denise, Helo and Ana Paula vingadas.
Reality TV Shows / Re: A Fazenda 9 Brazil (New Chance)
« Last post by Rod on December 08, 2017, 03:16:07 AM »
Morta kkkk
Reality TV Shows / Re: A Fazenda 9 Brazil (New Chance)
« Last post by Gabriel on December 08, 2017, 02:39:42 AM »
Finally a decent winner after 5 years
Reality TV Shows / Re: A Fazenda 9 Brazil (New Chance)
« Last post by Rod on December 08, 2017, 02:28:20 AM »
FLÁVIA is the winner of A Fazenda 9 ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

It was the voting with most votes from A Fazenda ever: 65 millions of votes

Flávia won with 56% ;D
Marcos 40% :-*
Matheus 4%
Big Brother Editions - 2017 / Re: Secret Story 11 France
« Last post by Jackie on December 08, 2017, 12:22:35 AM »
Noré won and this show needs to be cancelled.
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