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Big Brother Editions - 2017 / Re: Gran Hermano 18 Spain
« Last post by Jackie on December 02, 2017, 09:17:10 PM »
To be fair, tell me one BB worlwide that is thriving at the moment ? We're in this weird era where Endemol let the brand deteriorate and they don't know how to pick the pieces back up.
Big Brother Editions - 2017 / Re: Grande Fratello VIP 2 Italy
« Last post by AlexSP on December 02, 2017, 07:16:54 PM »
This season is being a big success in Italy, more than 5.5 million viewers and around 30% of share. This will be increased for sure with the Finale show.
Big Brother Editions - 2017 / Re: Gran Hermano 18 Spain
« Last post by AlexSP on December 02, 2017, 07:13:47 PM »
Producers said that this edition would be a back-to-basics season, so you know the result ahaha.

I'm pretty sure that GH19 will exist but it needs a long break 1.5-2 years, a new decent host and renew the staff or at least hire the former scriptwriters who knew how to manage a good season.
Big Brother Editions - 2017 / Re: Celebrity Big Brother 1 USA
« Last post by DanielA on December 02, 2017, 07:12:34 PM »
Set to air from Feb 7th and finish Feb 25.

Episode 15

Ludmila tries to explain to Konstantin her thesis that Dinko makes intrigues by spreading rumors about him and Zornitsa. Later Dinko talks with Konstantin and tells his point of view.

Follow some weekly task games. After the games, Konstantin is not glad that Dinko did not play fair. They have a short argue and later Dinko continues to focus his anger on Zornitsa and follows another portion of the offensive talk between them.
In the bedroom, Luna has a verbal fight with Dinko and with Ludmila.
Follow another task game, this time between Luna and Ludmila. The game turns to phisical confrontations, almost a pure woman's fight.

The enemies, even far from the battlefield, continue the comments about each other with their close people.
The episode finishes with the last game of the weekly task.
Big Brother Editions - 2017 / Re: Gran Hermano 18 Spain
« Last post by AlexSP on December 02, 2017, 07:11:06 PM »
This decision has been considered even before GH18 started, it's obvious that the rating gave another reason to not broadcast a new GHVIP season, but GHVIP6 is not happening because of the Football World Cup. Some matches would coincid with some live shows of Supervivientes, so producers have decided to anticipate the new season of SV.

And no one said that GHVIP is not going to happen anymore
Episode 14

Zornitsa continue her delicate flirt with Konstantin. She seeks advices what to do from her friend's circle, mostly from Ludmila who supports her flirt.
Dinko is bored and decites to take a walk on the roof. It costs another punishment for the housemates, BB takes some part of their budget. Ludmila doesn't miss this moment to shows how much she hates Dinko.
There are some games from the weekly task. After it, Ludmila continues her crusade against Dinko.
As BB took all knives in the house for the safety of the housemates, Mariela makes her own hand made knife. Of course, BB wants it and follows punishment.
Mariela tries to make intrigues by telling that Gino have wanted from her to cook caramel cream for him. At first the housemates are angry that so much eggs were gone for it because of Gino, but later realize that the decision have been took from Mariela. They want to punish her by telling her that they don't want her in their bedroom and bathroom.
During the past nominations Zornitsa confessed about her unsuccessful pregnancy of twins and about her pain. She faces the support from the housemates and the judgment from Mariela who thinks that this personal pain was exposed to the viewers with purpose.
Episode 13

Another flirt is born in the house – between Zornitsa and Konstantin. The girls around Zornitsa say to her that it is just obvious that Konstantin is very attracted by her. It gives a courage to her and  she flirts free with him.

Ludmila again is angry to Dinko about Luna. Dinko is not in a good position because even the two outsiders Mariela and Luna doesn't like him. In the end, everybody turn against Dinko.
In this episode were the nominations face to face. Also during the whole episode were shown other games from the weekly task.
Funky confronts with Gino about his vanity, which Funky doesn't like at all.
Ludmila asks Konstantin if he likes Zornitsa. He answers with yes, but he is married. It doesn't stops him to flirts with her again in the morning. Zornitsa says to Svetlana that she likes Konstantin very, very much.
Konstantin says to Dinko that he is actually attracted by Zornitsa but cannot do something in front of the cameras because his family is watching.

After a game from the weekly task, Zornitsa has a confrontation with Dinko because she felt "bad vibes" during the game. They start to offend each other.
The nominated ones this week are: Dinko, Luna, Ludmila, Mariela, Funky
Episode 12

Mariela is glad that, even not likeing her, the housematres ate last night everything which were cooked by her yesterday.
In a talk with Mariela, Luna says that she wants to win and will be not fair if she's not a winner after all the show from her.
Gino makes a breakfast and invites Luna and Mariela on the table. Ludmila is angry by this act and starts to offend Gino, to claims that he is a traitor who betrayed their group. There are also comments from the others that Gino plays a game. There is verbal confrontation again between the two camps in the house – Luna and Mariela from one side against all others.
Mariela tries exorcism with bamboo on Ludmila and says to Luna that "it seems that the evil spirit in Ludmila is not chinese, when doesn't go away from the bamboo".

Ludmila confronts with Dinko and calls him a liar, because she caught him several times in lies.
The housemates receive the new weekly task "Winter Olympic games" and start to compare in two teams.

Dinko tries to find his place under the wing of Luna by offering to her some deficit stuff from the house. Follows another big confrontation between Luna and the others in which they offend each other. After it, Luna steals the cigarretes of Ludmila saying that they are hers, but stolen by Ludmila.
After a game from the weekly task, Dinko is angry that Ludmila doesn't support him even when she was in his team. Dinko steals ciggaretes from the house and gives them to Luna which makes Ludmila totally mad and she has an argue with Dinko.
Episode 11

Luna seeks help from the housemates about her "pains in the body". It drives crazy the others who are just pissed off from Luna's "nerve games". Svetlana throws on Luna a bottle of water. The housemates want to talk with BB about the problem called Luna and to ask him what to do with her.
The housemates try a riot agains Luna, but no one could force her to do her job in the task – to cook and clean.
BB takes the situation in his hands and puts Luna in the prison for SuperHeroes. Of course it cannot break the wild spirit of Luna and even there she is smiled and singing and driving the others crazy.
Ludmila has an argue with Kostadin about sport. She claims that when she were young, she broke the record of many athletes. Kostadin calls her a liar.
Ludmila doesn't likes Gino and tells him face to face. She thinks that he is very "mind limited". She also talks behind his back in the bedroom, that she suspects that he is not hetrerosexual because he is always "against the mirror".
There are some charity games for the nominated ones during the episode.
While Luna is in the prison, Dinko and Ludmila steal some stuff from the private room of Luna. She is released from the prison and wants her stuff back.
BB announces to the housemates that they left without any budget this week because of so many violations. To get at least 50 % of the missing budget, the "Bad boys" (Funky and Konstantin) should do a task – they will be the "twins" of Luna and will do what she does. The task is sucessful.
Dinko is mad at Luna that she was guilty for his stay in the prison and wants revenge. He enters in her private space and doesn't gives to her even to move or eat.
In the morning, Mariela bothers the others in the kitchen with her "loud" cooking. Ludmila asks from her to not cook all the meat in the house because some people doesn't want to eat from her cooking. While Ludmila talks with the others outside against Mariela, she cooks all the meat.
Mariela goes to sleep but is surprised from Ludmila who wants explaination from her about the meat. Mariela starts to scream to her "Anathema. Go away, Satan. Go back in the depths of Siberia ." Mariela goes in the kitchen with two knives, talking that Ludmila is "a pure evil and should heal it with blood". BB announces that because of "the inpredictable character of some housemates" he takes all knives in the teritory of the house for their safety.
Luna shows her atlethic body in the pool. The others again finds a reason to make fun with her.
The two friends outsiders - Mariela and Luna talk to each other and share their confrontations today with the others. Mariela says that Ludmila is the Satan, that she will take the evil control of the whole house, that she made the others zombies already. Luna agrees and they both decite to take the saving of the BB house in their christian hands. They will do an exorcism on Ludmila. They go in the kitchen, take their weapons – garlic and two rolling pins. They make a cross around Ludmila and starts to say on loud a prayer. Konstantin and Svetlana stops them and they decide that this time they failed but soon they should do it again.

In the end of the live show, Dee was evicted from the house. Of course he is another happy evictee who claims that he saved himself from the house.
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