Author Topic: If BBUK/BBUS switch formats, who would win?  (Read 6693 times)

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If BBUK/BBUS switch formats, who would win?
« on: February 04, 2016, 07:56:20 PM »
If BBUS stayed with public voting & BBUK used HOH/POV, who would likely win?

BB2: Dr. Will wins, no competition.
BB3: Jason wins, with Lisa potentially coming close & Danielle being potential is she plays as she did in BB7.
BB4: Jack most likely wins, though David was popular. As Erika's popularity was centered around Jack, she probably wouldn't have won.
BB5: Toss up between Drew & Nakomis, likely Drew due to the eye-candy factor and Nakomis can't use her six-finger plan.
BB6: Kaysar, obviously.
BB7: We would have had a very different cast, but if it was the same people, Kaysar wins again. If they take winners out, then Janelle would be there and win with no competition.
BB8: Tough call, Jessica has the least amount of haters, but Evel Dick did have the most influence out of anybody this season, and Zach, Daniele, & Jameka could've gained anti-Donato support.
BB9: Alex, he was only evicted due to his partner, though if they used the same twist and he still got evicted, and also suffered the same fate not returning, then James or Matty would win.
BB10: Keesha, most likely, though Angie would've made it further, Dan might be possible, and Brian would've probably lasted longer, but would've probably eventually came across as a try-hard.
BB11: Jeff Schroeder wins, no competition.
BB12: Britany wins, no competition.
BB13: Jeff Schroeder wins again with no competition, if they don't change the cast, and if they do, it would be hard to say if they would use the dynamic duo twist, and which pairs they'd use it with. It also doesn't make any sense to have half rookies, half veterans because vets have way too much of an upper-hand.
BB14: Same with BB13, but Ian or Shane would've been the newbie most successful.
BB15: Toss up between Elissa or Nick.
BB16: Donny has a chance, but he wouldn't have the same type of "underdog persona" that he had strategically, only with the same of his employment. Nicole could eventually make it a toss-up between them.
BB17: Toss up between Audrey or Johnny Mac.

1. Nick probably wins.
2. Brian probably wins.
3. Toss up between anybody who made final six or so.
4. Toss up between Steph, Ray, or the guy who got 3rd place, can't remember his name.
5. Victor if BBUK housemates are open to rewarding villains money, Stuart, if he can manage to get Michelle to the final four.
6. Makosi, she'd be the Danielle Reyes of BBUK. If Makosi got evicted, Anthony could win, maybe Eugene.
7. Need to see more of it.
8-12: need to still see
13: Conor if he isn't bribed, Luke S if his people get more power each week, Luke A or Adam, if they can obtain power enough.
14. Sam, Dan, or Dexter.
15. Still need to watch more of.
16. Joel, Jack, or Chloe.
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Re: If BBUK/BBUS switch formats, who would win?
« Reply #1 on: February 15, 2016, 08:46:46 PM »
Interesting question but so difficult to answer due to the permutations of every single week, especially when applying the BBUS format to BBUK where you have to consider who would have won comps etc.   For what it's worth I don't think Nick would have won BB1 as he'd have tripped up before the end.

1 - Anna
2 - Dean
3 - Kate or Spencer
4 - Scott is the guy you're thinking of, and he'd be my bet
5 - Shell (think Victor would have been seen as a threat)
6 - Anthony - just think he'd have blitzed the competitions when he needed too and he had people around him to protect him
7 - Grace.  She knew how to play the game - that's why the audience hated her!
8 - Liam
9 - Rex (although to be fair I think despite being one of the worst winners ever Rachel could have won under the US rules too - she probably played smarter than she ever gets credit for)
10 - Gave up on it after a week
11 - Andrew or JJ, although latecomers don't really fit in with the US rules.  JJ would always have been behind John James in the hitlist, whilst Andrew probably had similar innofensive qualities to Ian and would have made it far by not being seen as a threat.

(and for me BBUK ended in 2010!)

BBUSA is arguably trickier as it's if it's vote to evict it's as much an anti-popularity contest, so Rachel Reilly would never have stood a chance.

2 - Will
3 - Jason (although Marcellas would never have had the chance to be so stupid!)
4 - David
5 - Drew
6 - Janelle or James (don't think Kayser would have sustained his popularity)
7 - Will, Janelle or Marcellas

From season 8 on they all blend into one somewhat.  I think Hayden would still have won his season and probably Dan too.  Zach might have won over Derrick/Cody.  I struggle to see how Jeff was ever so popular but he was - although perhaps in a vote to evict scenario earlier in the season he could have been a shock evictee.  Last season I'd go for Johnny Mac or James - Audrey would have still been an early boot IMO as she was bloody annoying.
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Re: If BBUK/BBUS switch formats, who would win?
« Reply #2 on: March 14, 2017, 11:03:58 AM »
The ones I have more recent:

BB1: Anna. She had an excellent social game and went from being at the bottom of her original girl alliance to a power position by the end. I'd say Melanie is the F2 loser. Nick was good but Tom/Mel already cut him in BB1.

BB2: I'd say either Brian or Dean. Depending on which one wins the final challenge. Do NOT underestimate Elizabeth Woodcock, her duo with Dean ran the BB2 with iron fist and was despised for that outside the house. Plus she also had an excellent social game and single-handely SAVED herself from being evicted with 90% in the last nominations of her series.

BB3: Kate? IDK, but I would live for a messy Alex/Adele/Jade alliance making it to the F3.

BB4: Scott or Ray ew.

BB5: I'd say Michelle Bass if she manages to survive the block the first weeks. I love Shell but her housemates didn't respect her enough.

BB6: Anthony dragged by Makosi? That series was almost BBUS.