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Re: Promi Big Brother 3 Germany
« Reply #125 on: August 29, 2015, 12:44:17 PM »
Menowin gets a cheque for 10.000 to buy furniture. Now there's a celebrity season where you know that everyone is desperate for some material. :o

I am not wondering he got no furniture home. He spend €600,000 for cocaine he said in the PBB house. Really don't like him or what he is doing as he has kids and he is not willing to take the responsibility. He's a big fat fame whore!

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Re: Promi Big Brother 3 Germany
« Reply #126 on: August 29, 2015, 05:33:08 PM »
well, afterall I must say this edition had more downs then ups, entertainment-wise.
most of the time they were playing stupid games and just kill real convos were going on. I mean last edition, i could literally sit there and just listen to schill and others talking about all kind of stuff...but this year the celebs were complaining 85% of the time about the food, the cellar, the nomination...just boring as fuck :p
aside the few moments were nino, desiree and others pulled some rants and it was funny to least for livestream viewers it was a total boredom fest.

I really hope they bring in more talkative celebs next year that actually live BB instead of just being there and kill time to cash in their 50k-100k -.-

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Re: Promi Big Brother 3 Germany
« Reply #127 on: August 30, 2015, 07:00:12 PM »
yes I agree on your observation.
After all most of the entertainment has been pretty rough and was always based on at least one HM feeling depressive. I think that comes from them tortuing them a bit too much. Its obvious how they're copying the jungle-formula but this is no australian outback but a prison cell and when they let them starve all this "fight-for-your-life"-thing kills any joy and I don't think it makes that much sense on BB to stretch it too far although I really love this devision an think the matches also work quite good. The editing and dramaturgy really improved the last two years and I think Cindy now also works quite well as a commentator. And there cannot be said anything bad about the two Jochens - they're both hardcore BB fans and care about what the fans said obviously.

Yeah the selection of HMs is a bit problematic. They really need to stop casting those bombshells, they're hardly entertaining and guys like Menowin, who are eager to win and are therefore too shy to start an argument and always try to be diplomatic. Its a bit of a shame since pre-show-wise this cast looked quite promising but most of the entertainment happened through overacting by Desiree and Nino and it never really felt real.