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WoBB Forum - User's Directory
« on: January 23, 2010, 08:03:32 PM »
World of Big Brother Forum - The User’s Directory

Here are the OFFICIAL statements regarding RULES & CONSEQUENCES. They are divided in 3 categories. There are TWO golden rules, FOUR rules about being a member and FIVE rules about posting. Like everything else, this place needs rules to keep this place FUN.

The Golden Rules
Being a Member
Being a Poster

World of Big Brother - RULES & CONSEQUENCES

The Golden Rules
1. You must know the rules and know the consequences.
We would be a horrible staff if we let you guys do anything and everything. Rules are here to keep the forum safe. Every rule we have here we will likely keep, and we reserve the right to change or add a rule if and when necessary. Ignorance of these rules are not tolerated either.

2. Consequences will be given out to every rule offender. As a part of knowing the rules, you must know the consequences. Our consequences format will be a demerit system. You will receive what is called demerits for breaking rules. The scale goes at this: 1-6 points are strictly warnings, 7-9 points are suspensions and ten points will give you an expulsion. There will likely not be a second chance if you are banned. However, what we will do is expire demerits and after 60 days, those demerits are wiped off. We will be keep track of demerits right here on this thread. Do not be embarrassed, you committed the crime.

Being a Member
1. Do not Bully any user.
This goes as far as threatening words, derogatory words, aggressive words. Every user has a right to feel safe while being a user of the forum. If your take away someone’s safety, we take your privilege of using the forum. So, with that, if you break this rule, you will receive demerits that the staff wants to give you that will vary, depending on what you say, and your post will be deleted. If completely necessary, you may receive an automatic suspension or expulsion.
2. Show Respect for the People whom come from a different country. The World of Big Brother site is viewed and contributed by people from all over the globe. It will be your responsibility to not be and that post will be deleted. disrespectful to any country, region, ethnic group, or even religious group even if that group isn’t represented on the site. Breaking this rule will give you between 2-4 demerits, depending on what you say.
3. Do not Spam. This means do not over obsess over posting in topics. Do not bring back threads that are out of interest unless they logically come back into interest. Do not promote something the staff could find unnecessary, or inappropriate. There won’t be a limit as to how many posts you make, but please remember it takes two to have a conversation, not one. There will be a 1 demerit penalty for any post passing as a spam, per spam posts, so two spam posts will equal two points.
4. Do not spoil the fun of the other users. If you do not like how the forum is, you have two options: Tell the staff and reveal your issues us and we’ll decide what is resolvable. If that won’t work, by all means, leave. You are free to leave the site, or take a week off the site, or whatever. There will never be a penalty for coming to the staff about issues.

Being a Poster
1. Every post you make must be attempted in English.
Do not use any other language because not everyone, especially the staff would know what you’re saying. Your posts DO NOT have to be in proper English, but you must make an attempt to speak English. Posts that have no English words whatsoever will be deleted. The poster will not be given demerits but we will remind that person that future posts are to be in English. It will be perfectly acceptable to repost your post with English attempted.
2. Do Not post links, videos, or pictures of nudity or violence. Links, Pictures, and Videos that have nothing to do with television shows are hands down out of the question prohibited. For example, it could be someone under the age of consent/adulthood. If you want to look at this kind of stuff, do it off this site, please. Posts of violent and nude links, pictures, and videos will be deleted and the poster will receive 5-6 demerits.
3. Stay On Topic in every thread and boards. Do not posts threads in the wrong boards, and do not get off topic with each thread. There’s no penalty for posting a thread in the wrong boards, we can always move it. However, we will let you know that next time post threads in the right area.
4. Pay attention to what threads are already being discussed. This means, if there is already a thread about the topic someone already started, your thread will be closed. Threads will happen on a first come, first served basis. The thread about a topic will stay, the threads similar to a topic already there will be closed. There’s no penalty for creating an already being discussed thread unless you end up creating a locked thread again. If so, you’d get one demerit.
5. Posts containing Spoilers must go in Spoilers Threads Only. Each TV season of a show will have two main threads that any user can start: A Episode Thread, where you discuss what happened in the episode broadcasted in the network and Spoiler Thread, where you post anything that didn’t appear on the show that will appear or has already appeared, such as “Nominations, Live Feeds, Cast Rumors”. If you post a spoiler in a thread that isn’t in a spoiler thread, that post will be deleted and the poster will be warned, along with maybe demerits depending on what was spoiled.

You have Eleven rules to follow. They will probably not change, so, have fun at the forum anyways. Have Fun.  :)
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