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Big Brother Editions - 2017 / Re: VIP Brother 9 Bulgaria
« Last post by DanielA on Today at 08:00:08 PM »
By the way i'm still waiting for Mayra Hills as a guest...I hate when the production just throws some words. Or may be she refuses, i don't know. Anyways, there are two weeks till the finale so the chanse is almost zero.
Big Brother Editions - 2017 / Re: VIP Brother 9 Bulgaria
« Last post by DanielA on Today at 07:56:04 PM »
Episode 30

There are some repeated moments from the previous episode.
Aleksandra is confused after her talk with her mother. She seeks advices from Megz who says to her to follow her heart and from Alfredo who says to not care about the others, only for what she feels. Daniel P. also conforts her and promises to her that from now she will have her own family.
The housemates are excited and hurry to finish their personal tasks.
The girls go on their bachelorette party .

The boys get a task from BB to do a striptease.
Aleksandra measures her wedding dress. Later she cries for her family which doesn't support her.
The kitchen is “boiling” from the preparation. Boris is not glad that the dolls which Vania made for the wedding cake are too big for it.

In DR, BB asks Aleksandra for the last time if she really wants to marry for real in the house. She says “yes.” Minutes before the wedding the episode is over.
Big Brother Editions - 2017 / Re: VIP Brother 9 Bulgaria
« Last post by DanielA on Today at 07:53:01 PM »
Episode 29

The housemates say their wishes to the newlyweds and also give some advices.
The preparation for the wedding task is running.
Daniel P. and Aleksandra thinks seriously about the life and in DR they ask BB if they could marry in the house for real. BB answers that there is no impossible things about him.
The boys get their bachelor party. Aleksandra is jealous from the strippers, the other female housemates are curious what the boys do on their party.

After the party, Daniel Z. gets some critics from the girls for his “frivolous ” behavior with the strippers. He starts to worry about his wife who will see him on TV.
Daniel P. and Aleksandra are invited in DR to make a test with poligraph. They think that it is real but in fact the housemates decite if their answers are correct or false. As the two lovers think that the machine is real they say the truth of course and the housemates find out that in the past they cheated on each other a lot.
Toto is very shocked that two people who claim to be in love could cheat to each other more than five times for few months.
In DR, Aleksandra have a telephone talk with her mother who is not glad at all that her girl will marry in a reality show for his ex boyfriend. She refuses to come on the wedding.
Big Brother Editions - 2017 / Re: VIP Brother 9 Bulgaria
« Last post by DanielA on Today at 07:50:24 PM »
Episode 28

Megz refuses to eat because she feels guilt that she was the reason to cut money from the budget lately. She stay alone with the hunger two days and BB forces her to eat. She again doesn't want to eat from the budget but have an interesting ideas – to eat from the flowers and bushes outside. Boris warns her that those things are poison and convince her that he could make for her a dinner from waste materials from the food in the house – like roots, bones and water from the cheese. She finally eats from this strange dinner cooked by Boris. Enji is not glad again, she starts to scream that Megz shouldn't eat at all and calls her a liar.
Juliana, despite that she is a close friend of Enji in the house, says to Vania that she sees a dark sides of Enji and that in many things she is not right about Megz.
There are nominations in this episode. Read them in Wikipedia.
The housemates receive the new weekly task called “My big fat bulgarian wedding”. Of course the newlyweds are Daniel P. and Aleksandra and everyone of the others gets a role. The housemates start to prepare everything for the wedding. Of course the old conflicts between them are always near.
BB gives a real wedding ring to Daniel P. and later he makes a surprising proposal to Aleksandra.

They even think if it will be good if they marry for real in the house. After this they go in the bathroom and have sex.
After the nominations, Daniel P. and Aleksandra, as bride and husband, have a right to save two of the nominated housemates. They do it with a "Wheel of fortune". They save Boris and Daniel. Z.

So the final list of the nominated ones this week is: Alfredo, Vania, Enji, Megz, Toto
Big Brother Editions - 2017 / Re: VIP Brother 9 Bulgaria
« Last post by DanielA on Today at 07:45:29 PM »
Episode 27

Boris talks with Alfredo and Sashka about Vania and shares his thoughts about her conspiracy. He thinks that Vania slowly turns everybody against him.
Boris attacks Vania and the other housemates with "chemical weapon" – his dirty underwear in the bathroom. ::)  Later he talks face to face with Vania about her – of course as always, he says offensive words, she listen. He says to Vania and Megz that they smell bad and they confront.
The housemates again think how to process with Boris and what to do to stop his crazy behaviour in the house.
Margarita and Sashka have an intimate talk about the love in the life of Margarita.
Daniel Z. and Boris again confront, this time in the jacuzzi. Suddenly Boris says that he is rough with the women in the house because he doesn't want to be close with them, just to not make his wife to jealous.  :zzz
In the bedroom Vania is not glad that Boris said about her that she is smelling bad and that he tries to manipulate the viewers to think that she is not “bath” person.
Boris and Daniel Z. continue their night argue and doesn't stop to offense each other. Megz is pissed by Boris and tries to mute his voice by ringing on a saucepan with a ladle. Boris calls her “crazy”.
Enji again starts to be against Megz and shows it.
After the eviction of Tzuni, Boris claims that he faced the catharsis and now is different person.  :zzz
Big Brother Editions - 2017 / Re: VIP Brother 9 Bulgaria
« Last post by DanielA on Today at 07:42:07 PM »
Episode 26

Daniel P. and Aleksandra “swim” in their good memories from the past. Later Vania and Juliana ask Aleksandra about her memories with Daniel.
Boris again is against Vania, he thinks that she is a great manipulator in the house, almost ancient witch. He confronts with her, mainly his voice is heard, she just stays and listen.
Some housemates, Margarita and Juliana mainly, comment about Sashka and wonder how big ego she has. In their private room, Sashka says to Margarita that she soon will have a birthday but doesn't want to celebrate with the housemates because she just don't like them.
For the first time Boris wants a peace between the housemates and wants from them to eat together on the table. During the dinner Margarita confronts with Megz because her decolletage is too deep.
Megz is very upset that BB starts to call her very often with her real name – Miglena. She starts to cry because she wants everyone to know her as Megz.
There is a “postal box” for the nominated ones and they start to answer on live to questions received in this box and sent by the other housemates.
Daniel Z. wants some action in the house. And he gets it...Started like a joke, his acts wake up the housemates in the middle of the night. Daniel Z. decites to joke with Boris that he is a sleep walker with bad thoughts. He goes near the bed of Boris, holding a kitchen knife and says to him “I should do it while the moon is full”. Boris is little scared but very very mad. Starts a confrontation with threats between them. Also Tzuni in his anger against Boris almost hit him.
There are the regular charity games for the nominated ones.
Juliana is very against Sashka because she finds her extremely hypocritical. She doesn't want to see her or talk with her.
Sashka decites to celebrate her birthday and there is a party in the house. Everyone look happy and even the enemies hug each other and say that there is forgiveness.

Vania and Toto say that they are surprised that Boris did not make a boycott of the party and that they sorry for him. Meanwhile, Boris again throws tons of bad words about them in a talk with Alfredo.
Boris says to Juliana that he have a strategy who to be eliminated in the game and the first is Tzuni.
In the end of the live show was announced that Megz have the highest vote to save. The evicted one was Tzuni.
Big Brother Editions - 2017 / Re: Grande Fratello VIP 2 Italy
« Last post by zz0714 on Yesterday at 06:32:38 PM »
Rich team: Carla, Carmen Di Pietro, Cecilia & Jeremias, Lorenzo, Luca, Marco, Simona, Veronica
Poor team: Aida, Cristiano, Daniele, Gianluca, Giulia, Ignazio, Ivana, Serena
(only from week 1 to week 3)
They are only able to nominate one housemate from their team.

Week 1
Nominated: Carla, Gianluca, Ignazio, Ivana, Luca
Carla was the first to be evicted with 46.23% to evict.
Luca 36.53%, Ivana 9.62%, Gianluca 3.93%, Ignazio 3.69%

Week 2
Nominated: Lorenzo, Serena
Serena was evicted with 51% to evict.
Lorenzo 49%

Week 3
Nominated: Carmen Di Pietro, Daniele
Carmen Di Pietro was evicted with 68.4% to evict.
Daniele 31.6%
Day 22, Marco was ejected due to his blaspheme behaviour.

Week 4
From week 4, Cecilia and Jeremias were no longer a pair.
Nominated: Lorenzo, Simona
Simona was evicted with 63.9% to evict.
Lorenzo 36.1%

Week 5
Nominated: Aida, Lorenzo
Lorenzo was evicted with 52.5% to evict.
Aida 47.5%
Day 36, Gianluca was ejected due to his blaspheme behaviour.
Lorenzo later returned to the house.
Big Brother Editions - 2017 / Re: Gran Hermano 18 Spain
« Last post by Proth on Yesterday at 04:51:14 AM »
Javier has been evicted. Maico was in the lead all week with 70%+ to go, but a sorpasso happened during the gala and the vote changed (::)), so Javier ended up being evicted instead.

Hugo, Maico and Laura are up for eviction this week
Reality TV Shows / Re: A Fazenda 9 Brazil (New Chance)
« Last post by Rod on October 18, 2017, 03:39:24 AM »
NAHIM and RITA are nominated

MARCOS won the farmer challenge

I'm #FicaNahim because Rita is a waste of time. Nahim at least has been funny.
Big Brother Editions - 2017 / Re: Gran Hermano 18 Spain
« Last post by AlexSP on October 15, 2017, 01:35:15 PM »
Last Thursday we lived the third eviction and we were witness of the first sorpasso of this edition.

On Sunday the official blind percentages were:

As Jorge Javier confirmed, this was the real voting:

Yangyang = 65,9%
Hugo = 22,7%
Miriam = 11,4%

When the Gala started the percentages were like this:

Yangyang = 60,4%
Hugo = 12,2%
Miriam = 27,4%

So Miriam passed from least voted to the second most voted.

Then, the lines were frozen and Hugo was saved as he received the least amount of votes to evict.

Yangyang = 41,0%
Hugo = 11,9%
Miriam = 47,1%

The lines were reopened. 10 minutes before the closing the lines, the percentages were:

Yangyang: 42,2%
Miriam: 57,8%

Lines were closed and Miriam became the third housemate to be evicted. Official percentages were not revealed.

She was evicted mostly for her bully comments toward Yangyang and for betraying Hugo, which was part of her group. She also became more closer to the big group which is really hated outside.

Nominations (face-to-face again):

Hugo: Carlota (3), Petra (2), Cristian (1)
Rubén: Juan (3), Petra (2), Carlota (1)
Christian: Javier (3), Maico (2), Yangyang (1)
Laura: Maico (3), Hugo (2), Yangyang (1)
Yangyang: Maico (3), Javier (2), Christian (1)
Maico: Javier (3), Yangyang (2), Carlota (1)
Juan: Rubén (3), Laura (2), José María (1)
Pilar: Laura (3), Hugo (2), Rubén (1)
Daniel: Maico (3), Hugo (2), Laura (1)
Petra: Hugo (3), Rubén (2), Laura (1)
Javier: Maico (3), Yangyang (2), Christian (1)
Mina: Javier (3), Hugo (2), Maico (1)
Carlos: Javier (3), Maico (2), Hugo (1)
Cristian: Hugo (3), Javier (2), Maico (1)
Carlota: Maico (3), Hugo (2), Yangyang (1)
José María: Yangyang (3), Maico (2), Javier (1)
Miguel: Javier (3), Yangyang (2), Daniel (1)

Maico: 23
Javier: 20
Hugo: 17

Yangyang: 12
Laura: 7
Rubén: 6
Carlota: 5
Petra: 4
Juan: 3
Christian: 2
Cristian: 1
Daniel: 1
José María: 1

Maico, Javier and Hugo are the provisional nominees. Elena from Tenerife, as a choosen member from the public, decided to save Hugo. So the final nominees are Maico, Javier and Yangyang.

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