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Big Brother Editions - 2016 / Re: Gran Hermano VIP 5 (Spain)
« Last post by AlexSP on Today at 05:56:25 AM »
Also in the Debate, Aylén (Marco's girlfriend) entered to the house as a guest to help in the weekly task as a fashion designer, but it was obvious that she entered to intense the house as she is playing the role of the jealous girlfriend who is suffering in the outside because Alyson and Marco are too close (when they obviously didn't do nothing at all). I mean playing the role because I don't believe Aylén neither Marco as they are acting the same from their last reality show in Chile called "Volverías con tu ex?" (Would you come back with your ex?), where Marco even though he had Aylén as his girlfriend, entered to that reality with an ex and he returned with that ex while Aylén was suffering so much until she entered to the house of that reality and she could have Marco back and be a happy couple.

But now they are playing the same game and I'm quite sure this is all agreed since before he entering to the GHVIP house. Anyway, it was said she will stay in the house until next Sunday at least, but maybe she could stay more or even become a new housemate we will see.

Ivonne also wanted to leave the house several times, because she is not sure about her relationship with Sergio, as he is 24 years younger than her and she also had a meltdown because of Aída's comments when she said she would be embarrassed and also her family if she would be dating with a young guy that could be her son. But finally Sergio convinced her to stay in the house.

Therefore blind percentages were shown last Sunday and last night and they were like this:

Big Brother Editions - 2016 / Re: Gran Hermano VIP 5 (Spain)
« Last post by AlexSP on Today at 05:40:13 AM »
Sorry for the delay, I was pretty busy to make a recap this days xD

Well, about the repechage, all the evicted housemates had the chance to return to the house. A public vote via the app and the website, would let one of them return to the house. In the Debate of day February 19th, Aless was the least voted evicted housemate and was evicted from the repechage.

Last Thursday, the lines were still open until the rest of evicted housemates arrived to the eviction room in the house. Then it was revealed that with 50% of the votes to return, Aída could return to the house as a full housemate again.  :ali  :ali  :ali

The nominees of this week were Alejandro, Elettra, Emma and Sergio. The lines were frozen and with 2,8% and 2,1% of the votes, Emma and Sergio were saved. The lines then were re-open between Alejandro and Elettra.

With 50,2% of the votes to evict, Alejandro became the 6th housemate to be evicted from GHVIP5. Elettra was saved with 49,8%.

The task of that week was representing the play of Romeo and Julieta and the best actor or actress according to the public voting by the app, would win a priviledge in the nominations. Alyson won it and she had the right to nominate automatically a housemate. She chose Sergio so he was nominated and the rest of housemates couldn't nominate him.


Alyson: Sergio (automatic nomination)
Irma: Daniela (3), Emma (2), Elettra (1)
Elettra: Ivonne (3), Irma (2), Marco (1)
Daniela: Irma (3), Alyson (2), Ivonne (1)
Sergio: Elettra (3), Irma (2), Alyson (1)
Ivonne: Elettra (3), Daniela (2), Emma (1)
Marco: Irma (3), Emma (2), Elettra (1)
Emma: Marco (3), Irma (2), Ivonne (1)

Sergio: Automatic
Irma: 12
Elettra: 8
Daniela: 5
Emma: 5
Ivonne: 5

Marco: 4
Alyson: 3
Aída: Immune as new housemate

So, Sergio, Irma, Elettra, Daniela, Emma and Ivonne are the housemates up for eviction this week.

That week, Emma was accused of hacking the computer they have to write their blogs, but it was obvious that she is not a hacker and the problem was due to the production that forgot to block the Internet access to the housemates, so Emma could see the main website of Gran Hermano and see some news about what was happening in the house. Irma knew about it and went to the diary room to complain about this and she betrayed her best friend in the house, Emma. Therefore she nominated Emma with 2 points so what kind of friend is she? I guess she will be evicted because of that and because she is crying all the time. Last night, at least, she woke up a little bit a confront Aída who I think is better now than in her first weeks, she is even funnier and more ironic than never. And we could see her adorable flower hahaha. Adore your life!

Big Brother Editions - 2016 / Re: Big Brother 8 Israel
« Last post by DanielA on Yesterday at 04:18:13 PM »
It's not announced yet who nominated who but before the saving game Anastasia, Shany, Orna and Sharon were nominated.

Today Shany was saved and she nominated Avihay.

Avihay, Anastasia, Sharon and Orna are nominated for eviction this week.
Big Brother Editions - 2016 / Re: Big Brother 8 Israel
« Last post by DanielA on Yesterday at 04:15:47 PM »
Episode 21

Day 66
In DR, Sharon asks from BB to know news from a court case in which he is interested, but BB reminds him that he is not allowed to know something from outside. After it Orna helps to Sharon to sent a message from inside to the person who Sharon supports outside. Shany says it to Shem and he is disappointed that Sharon does this in prime time. Sharon and Shem often had argues before about this soldier who is now arrested and who Sharon supports. Orna is invited in DR to leave there the message which she wrote, a poster. BB remind to her that any messages like this are forbidden. BB also asks from the housemates to leave in DR all posters which they made during this season. They are not so glad. On the evening, Shem is evicted. Eden and Shany start to cry, while Sharon is glad that Shem is out.
In their beds, the love couples in the house whispers to each other love words.
Day 67
The housemates receive the task "Prison".

They are separated on Prison guards (Judy, Haim, Anastasia, Avihay), and the others are prisoners. The guards have fun while they could watch the others on camera 24/7.

The first talk which the guard catch on the camera is started by Maayan who talks with Dan and later with Orna that she has a problem with her jealousy and that she is worried that Avihay is guard so as Judy, and she cannot sees what happens between them. Orna says to Maayan that Avihay wouldn't do anything behind her back.
BB announces to the prisoners that they will be separated on two groups – Maayan, Eden, Dan and Omer in 1st group. Orna, Sharon, Shany and Indal are in 2nd group. The first group goes to work.

The second group stay in the cell but receive a secret task – they should hide from the first group that actually they will live "a luxury prison life". For first gift they receive a massage from girls from Thailand, while the other group is working hard.

Maayan is again upset that she sees Avihay and Judy together as guards. Dan jokes that Judy and Avihay are good match. Maayan is very nervous and starts to talk on loud voice that she cannot watches them together.
The privileged group continue to receive gift and surprises when is supposed to work. While the other group talk how hard would be tomorrow when they have to work again, Judy says to Shany that she is sad to see that Maayan is hurt from her. "I really don't want to make her feel bad. I don't even want Avihay. But remember my words, a half year later from this date they wouldn't even talk to each other" says Judy.
BB plays a song to the housemates. After it Avihay says to Orna that he cannot stands Shany anymore. He finds her disgusting and feels sorry for Omer who starts flirt with such a person as Shany. He says that he dreams Maayan to stop to talks with Shany.
Day 68
The two groups have two different breakfasts, separated from each other of course. Avihay wants to write a message on a t-shirt for the upcoming birthday of Maayan. Orna says to him that sadly but Shany could write it better than anyone else. Avihay isn't glad from that fact but agrees.
In the prison cell, Maayan says to Dan that she is sorry that she seemed "stupid" yesterday when she was so jealous about Avihay. "It's me. Even if the girl is the ugliest in the world I would be so jealous" says Maayan.
While the other group is working for real again, the privileged group (Sharon, Indal, Shany and Orna) watch on a screen videos of the housemates. Shany hears the talk between Avihay and Orna about her (how he cannot stands her), later Orna hears how Shany talks about her, that Orna soon will start a romance with Sharon for strategy. Shany is angry to Avihay. Anastasia who also watched the video because she is a guard, also is angry to Avihay and says it to him face to face. Judy also joins the conversation against Avihay and she confronts with him by saying him about his bad sides. Avihay answers that he even don't talk with her (Judy) and asks her to shut up.
Avihay decides to write by himself a message to Maayan on a t-shirt for her birthday, just because he doesn't wants everyone to say that the previous one was written by Shany.
BB reveals that there was a secret task. BB announces that the prisoners who really did work hard will receive a prize – meeting with a member from their family. But they should decide who will be the one who will give up from the meeting and Omer says that he gives up. The group of prisoners should decide who between the guards to replace Omer. They can't decide and BB leaves the choice in the hands of Haim and Avihay. Avihay becomes a prisoner and will meet his mother.
Maayan celebrates her birthday. She says to Avihay that was hard for her to be a prisoner when he was guard with Judy. Maayan talks with her mother. Her mom sends kisses to Avihay. Dan talks with his sister. Avihay talks with his mother. She says that she is proud of him and etc. and in the end of the talk she confuses and surprises everyone by saying indirectly that she doesn't likes Maayan. Her words "Samson and Delilah. Watch out..." confuse Avihay who later says that he is a bit angry to his mom. Maayan is worried and Orna gives advices to Maayan to continue to be what she was till now.

The housemates hear the names of the nominated ones.
Big Brother Editions - 2016 / Re: Big Brother 7 Philippines
« Last post by carlex on Yesterday at 09:18:54 AM »
PBB Lucky Season 7: DREAM TEAM - February 27 Episode

Let the countdown begins..

6 Days before the Big Night..

The housemates had a little pool party before the live eviction. Elisse, having a little gut feeling that she might be the next one to leave, spends her last moments with Mccoy. Mccoy was annoyed with her gesture of parting ways as he didn't want to entertain the idea of Elisse being evicted.

The night came, and the final nomination and eviction happened. When Elisse got nominated, Mccoy can't almost contain himself and felt too worried for his supposedly showmance 'til the end.

And the result came, Cora went back to the house as Toni announced that she's the final housemate to complete the Lucky 7 housemates. Maymay and Mccoy can't hide their disappointment and showed Cora on her face how deeply they are hurt to see her back in the house instead of Elisse.  :mad  :mad  :mad

After the eviction, everyone sympathized with Mccoy. Only Kissses was the one who truly and genuinely felt happy for Cora's success.
On the other hand, Tanner was disappointed that he is still in the house. He always thinks that he will be the one who will be evicted and yet, he's still in the house.. He said that he's already tired, stressed out from the tasks and the place itself. He wanted to go out already..

By the looks of it, Big Brother is not yet informing them that they all have 1 week more and it's going to be the Finale..

The Chair of Truth

Big Brother played an alarm sound throughout the house that made them think of the new challenge that they're going to face. They all got worried as they thought that another set of intruders might attack the house.

After the alarming sound, Big Brother showed the Chair of Truth. They were all told that they will face the LIE DETECTOR TEST and know if they are really being true to themselves and to the public, the most important TRAIT OF A BIG WINNER.

However, unknown to the housemates, The lie detector test will be a fake one and Big Brother will only play the result to test the them and see how far they can go for being real.

Before doing the test, Big Brother asked the housemates to pick up their own torch in the garden area and light it up if they want to face the LIE DETECTOR TEST.
The first one to light his torch (immediately) was CORA.. (Go girl!)
Followed by Edward, then Tanner. The rest took a while before lighting up their torch.
Tanner was wondering why others can't do a simple decision. Cora told him that they might get embarrassed for what the  public might know about them.

Kisses felt wrong if she will not light up her torch and face the test. She knows that it's about time to finally go out of her comfort zone. She was followed by Yong who said that he should do it. Maymay was the last one to light her torch for she think not only twice but thrice to consider how her family might feel upon facing the test.

Nicco and Mccoy decided not to light up their torch and didn't face the TEST as Mccoy had obviously hiding something that might ruin his career.. (BOOOO!!!)

And tomorrow's episode will be the LIE DETECTOR Test with Toni as the Questioner..  ;)  ;)

This is far by the best week i assume because of course, it's the final week.!!  ^-^
Reality TV Shows / Re: Survivor 34: Game Changers
« Last post by Marie on February 26, 2017, 09:38:12 PM »
Michaela is EVERYTHING <3 recency bias may play in to her high placement for me but she's still solidly around 5-7 without recency bias

Probst allegedly didn't want Ozzy back but its CBS who wanted him in :o Zeke is just vile, and I genuinely think he will flop, Troyzan, no just no fucking gross and Varner has played thrice by GC and he's a messy overstrategizer and is the worst in challenges amongst the cast (I'm certain even Sandra is better at comps than him), I can't see how he makes it to the jury.

Spoiler for Hiden:
there have been a shit ton of bootlists and likely most are fake but the recurring theme is that MICHAELA, CIRIE, Sarah, Andrea, Aubry, Troyzan and Sierra at least make the jury. There is a speculation that there is a majority alliance in Mana consisted of Michaela, Sandra, Hali, Malcolm, Aubry and 1 more (this alliance must have been handpicked by God or something, except for Aubry obviously <3). It makes sense since in Malcolm's pre-season interviews he STANS Sandra hardcore and trashes all the alpha males and Hali's interviews have hinted on her wanting Tony out but wanting to align with other bigger threats (in this case Malcolm, Aubry, Sandra). I think this alleged alliance is legit

And Sierra is 100% endgamer and will likely get the Wentworth treatment, she looks skeletal in her pictures just right after the game

There is a swap in to 3 tribes at F18
Big Brother Editions - 2016 / Re: Big Brother Brazil 17
« Last post by Gabriel on February 26, 2017, 06:58:03 PM »
Big Brother Editions - 2016 / Re: Big Brother Brazil 17
« Last post by Eiki on February 26, 2017, 06:00:50 PM »
Today's nominations:

The HoH duo Emilly and Daniel nominated Elis.

Marcos, who was holding the immunity power (anjo) choose Rômulo to be immune, but there was a twist this time and Marcos was actually the one to be immune, and Rômulo got the power to directly nominate someone to the "paredão", and he chose Daniel, who was the one of the HoH's that was not immune (he chose to win a R$ 10000,00 prize while Emilly got the immunity, each one of them could only have either the immunity or the prize in money)

The other houseguests' nomination votes: (Rômulo could still nominate someone again, even after the twist)

Total of nomination votes received:
Ilmar: 6
Marinalva: 1
Roberta: 1
Rômulo: 1
Ieda, Pedro, Vivian: 0

So Daniel, Elis and Ilmar are the three ones facing the public vote this time
Reality TV Shows / Re: Survivor 34: Game Changers
« Last post by JustinBieberDingus on February 26, 2017, 01:32:31 PM »
The five people i'm rooting for are in Marie's top eight. This might be a first, though Sierra shouldn't have been there and neither should've Michaela and I hope they're gone early, but for Sierra, that would be wishful thinking.

Agree about Varner, Zeke and Troyzan as well.
Reality TV Shows / Re: Survivor 34: Game Changers
« Last post by Hakuna Matata on February 26, 2017, 01:00:20 PM »
Oh wait, right, I remember now something about Sandra, and Tony!!! It's Tony Vlachos right ? <3 My Tony <3

OK definitely a season I cannot miss! Even though he and Sandra could be evicted very early :(
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