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Is this format based on VIP Brother? Why the copyright thing is Big Brother VIPs ??? (Just curious...)
Reality TV Shows / Re: A Fazenda 9 Brazil (New Chance)
« Last post by Rod on November 14, 2017, 02:21:53 AM »
After the unbelievable Record's manipulation, FLAVIA and MARCELO make this week roça.

I can't believe they manipulated to put the couple against each other...

#FicaFlávia #ForaMarcelo :'( :'(
As they were the first housemates, Konstantin and Dimitar got a secret task. They become cowboys called by BB – Dirty Koce and Funky The Kid.  They stay in DR watching the promo video of every housemate and decite who to join in their gang of cowboys and who to become an American Indian. The indians will live "poor".
Dinko Valev
Age 30
Zodiac sign - Aquarius

Businessman who became famouse in Bulgaria (and some parts of the world through the tv news) with his aggressive behaviour towards arabian fugitives caught by him in the forest during passing illegal one of the borders of Bulgaria.
He was also a special guest in "The Farm" 2 Bulgaria.

Radomir Yunakov  "Dee"
Age 33
Zodiac sign - Gemini
Hip-hop/rap singer
Known as a participant from "The Farm" 2 Bulgaria.

Zornitsa Lindareva
Age 35
Zodiac sign - Taurus
Evicted on Day 50 in VIP Brother 6 (2014)

Kiril Simeonov 
Age 32
Zodiac sign - Gemini
Trader, risk manager
Runner-up in Big Brother 5 (2015)

Debora Ivanova
Age 26
Zodiac sign - Capricorn
Singer, Model
Contestant in Miss Bulgaria 2009

Mariela Nordel
Age 49
Zodiac sign - Cancer
Participant in MasterChef 1

They are 12 housemates:

Konstantin Slavov "Koce"
Age 41
Zodiac sign - Cancer
Pop – folk singer
Winner in VIP Brother 1 (2006

Dimitar Kovachev "Funky"
Age 57
Zodiac sign - Capricorn
Runner-up in VIP Brother 4 (2012)

Lyudmila Zahazhaeva 
Age 64
Zodiac sign - Aquarius
She is russian woman, born in Sankt Peterburg. She was a famous guest with strange behaviour in VIP Brother 6 (2014).
She is mother of the journalist Albena Vuleva who was also in this season.

Svetlana Vasileva
Age 29
Zodiac sign - Sagittarius
Evicted on Day 58 in VIP Brother 7 (2015)

Gino Tashev "Biancalana"
Age 34
Zodiac sign - Sagittarius
Winner in VIP Brother 7 (2015)

After the winning he almost died in a car crash and as a result now he walks with the help of  a walking stick.

Luna (Yordanova)
Age 46
Zodiac sign - Aries
Ex pop-folk singer
Evicted on Day 37 in VIP Brother 7 (2015)

She is famous with her strange behaviour and tonight she came in the house ...on a horse. ::)
It started tonight.
I love the eye!  :)
Here is the promo:
bbmw by bbfan - Dailymotion
Big Brother Editions - 2017 / Re: VIP Brother 9 Bulgaria
« Last post by DanielA on November 10, 2017, 09:46:27 PM »
Runner-up with 42,3 % to win - Margarita

Winner with 57,7 % to win - Yonislav (Toto)

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