Author Topic: Big Brother New Year's Resolution's for 2011  (Read 5739 times)

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Re: Big Brother New Year's Resolution's for 2011
« Reply #25 on: January 29, 2011, 06:22:12 PM »

BBUS has done a lot to make things better, and some, look more foreign. For instance:
- The eviction shows at least have a crowd. Sure they can't boo, but thats just the taste of American Television.
- US television never agrees with adding so much explicate nature to its programming, which will always make BBUS different.
- The twists that involve public voting is Grodner's way to get audience influence, rather than have BBUS go all the way back to public voting.

Actually Dan with the second one I disagree in a way, if Grodner was to adapt the "Evil Big Brother" twist and BB became more explicate I think it would hold viewer interest.

In the three rare occasions that Big Brother/producers have intervened to punish/expel the HouseGuests have been some of the programs higher rated episodes. If the producers would adapt "Evil Big Brother" they could increase the prize to $1 Mill but have a punishment that hurt them the most, a reducing prize. When they showed clips of Chima's rule breaking on the main show it just showed how defiant the American Housemates are. If this were any other BB Chima would have been punished long ago along with some of the other Housemates.

Them showing clips regarding BB being disobeyed also underplays the title of the show, while this isn't new to the live feed watchers the viewing public that relies on the broadcast version were given a gimps of how many times she refused to do what Big Brother/producers told her to do.

The American BB really needs to enforce the rules of the program with Big Brother. This would also keep viewer interest because at any time a Housemate can slip up and Big Brother can notify them of the rule break with consequences. Thus new drama with minor interference.

With the evil theme if live becomes to dull in the House then Big Brother can do something similar to a Housemate like he did with Caprice in CBB3 UK, or do a bedsit as in BB5/UBB.

Along with this they can increase the number of Housemates so they can have a final four finale and borrow a twist from BB Quebec.

For this twist to work they would need to have the winners of the first two parts of the final HoH determined. The two Housemates that are no longer eligible to become the final HoH the viewing public can vote to chose which one the Do Not want to win. After the final HoH is played live and the winner is crowned then Julie can reveal this vote and the person who the public doesn't want to win is then automatically evicted from the game and joins the jury. That would send a last minute shock to the Housemates and the HoH might have to formulate a last minute decision.

They could also expand the twist to all four of the final Housemates with a disclaimer that the Housemate that wins the Head of Household competition then the Housemate with the second most "Do Not Win" votes would be then evicted.